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58 Things

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I feel incredibly blessed to have lived my life for the past 58 years, and no, I don’t feel old. I feel renewed, rejuvenated and fearless. I feel like I still have a good 50 years left to explore new territories. Anything that did not go right the first 58 years is behind me now and I’m looking forward to a great, fun filled and positive future.

Anyone that is not in my corner as I take my journey into my next 50 years, I wish them well. They however will not be a deterrent nor will they stop me from doing anything that I want to do. As I often say, I don’t care if anyone gets me because I get me! After my dear sweet Tony signs off on whatever I want to do, the hell with everyone else. Quite frankly his opinion is the only one that really matters to me but even he will not define who I am.

Since I have been blessed to live for 58 years so far there are a lot of things that I know for sure. My list are facts about life that I have learned over the years and they work for me. I’m sure you have other bits of advice on your list but these are some of the things that have worked for me and not necessarily in this order.

The 58 Things That I Know For Sure:

  1. God makes no mistake about the families and the environments that we are born into, we just have to grow up to discover why.
  2. You should learn to love your family in spite and despite of themselves, or else it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
  3. You only have one mother and father so take good care of them.
  4. If you have a descent family be happy, there are a lot of people that truly have messed up ones.
  5. Don’t be afraid to tell your family members you love them, it feels horrible if they die before you do. Celebrate your loved ones while they are here because dead noses smell no roses.
  6. We are often closer to some of our friends than family members because we choose to be and that’s ok.
  7. If you end up with only one good friend it’s better than having 20 phony ones.
  8. Good Girlfriends are the best!
  9. The best friendships are the ones that happen naturally and are not forced.
  10. Learn to let people be the best friend that they know how to be to you. Don’t try to force them to be the friend that you want them to be because it won’t work.
  11. Choose your friends wisely: you truly are the company you keep.
  12. Karma is a bitch and it always comes back around to you, so be careful what you put out into the universe.
  13. Cherish your good friends while you have them because somehow you end up falling out with them.
  14. In your life everyone has a season a reason and then their time is up!
  15. Don’t hold grudges, it takes way too much energy.
  16. It’s easier to be nice than it is to be nasty, a kind word goes a long way
  17. Be happy for other people’s good fortune; use it as inspiration and don’t be jealous.
  18. In order to be blessed you must be a blessing.
  19. It really does make you feel good about yourself when you are charitable to others.
  20. Be nice to everyone because not only is it the right thing to do but you never know when the tables will turn and they will be on top.
  21. When you mess up eat crow while it’s hot, it goes down better. Other wise known as say you’re sorry right away and admit your wrong when you KNOW you’re wrong.
  22. Don’t loan money to family or friends; give them what you can afford as a gift and if they pay you back then that’s a bonus.
  23. Gossiping is not nice unless you do it with your best friend because you know it won’t go any further.
  24. The best-kept secrets are the ones you keep to yourself.
  25. Be a woman of your word, your name and reputation is really all you have.
  26. Your first instinct is usually the best one: Listen to your inner spirit because it always leads you in the right direction.
  27. It’s really not that deep! Whatever it is at the time.
  28. If it looks like a duck, if it sounds like a duck if it walks like a duck, it’s a DUCK! Translated that means, if something does not feel right then it’s not right!
  29. Learn to be honest to yourself even if you are afraid to say it out loud because no one else can hear you.
  30. Learn to love yourself if you want others to love you back, and then their hugs feel better.
  31. If you only want to make money than that’s all you’ll ever have. Find your passion and then the money will mean something.
  32. There is no easy way to success you have to work hard and then sometimes even that’s not enough.
  33. It’s ok to tell someone let me think about that and I’ll get back to you. You don’t always have to answer yes right away.
  34. The word NO can be very powerful!
  35. If you don’t believe it then don’t say it.
  36. It’s always best to listen when you are around a crowd of people and not be the person doing all of the talking. Then you have a better strategy in knowing how to position yourself in a situation.
  37. If you really want something it can make you fall to your knees and cry sometimes, that’s how you know you really want it!
  38. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it; so be very specific in your desires and your prayers.
  39. It’s nothing more precious than the touch, smell and taste of a new baby.
  40. Babies are truly a blessing from God and their lives should never be taken for granted.
  41. Love your children that God gave you and then take in a few more because everyone deserves to feel the love of a mother or father even if it’s not their own.
  42. There is no greater love than the love you feel from your children. Then they grow up and hate you.
  43. When you are raising children you should always remember your creating memories for them but don’t forget you’re also creating memories for yourself as well.
  44. It’s important to find a mate that you are equally yoked with; divorce should never be an option if you married for the right reasons.
  45. The love of a good man or woman is truly an awesome gift!
  46. One of the keys to a successful marriage is everyone needs to wake up and have somewhere to go in the morning. If one person is left home always waiting on the other person that will cause problems eventually.
  47. In marriage each person needs to keep his or hers own identity. Remember who you were when you got married and don’t forget the person that your mate fell in love with.
  48. Love changes and people that are truly in love change to accommodate it.
  49. In marriage choose your battles because no one is perfect!
  50. I always tell my daughters the only person that loves a nasty woman is a nasty man! Be clean!
  51. Each partner must take out personal time for him or her self to help create a happy home.
  52. When momma’s not happy the whole house sucks!
  53. Be polite to each other in your home not just to strangers because children learn by example.
  54. Make your home a place of fun and love. A fun home is a happy home.
  55. Celebrate your birthday each year big or small because that’s the one-day that is yours alone. God made you on that day and you are special, so take that day to feel special and let the world know you exist and you’re happy about it.
  56. Never forget patience and faith. Have the faith in God to know that he has your back and he hears you. And the patience to give him time to work things out in his time, not yours. He may not be there when you need him but he’s always right on time!

I have learned a lot of things in my life, but these are the 56 that come to my mind immediately. Make your list and find out not only what you know but also what values are Important to you. Share them with your family and friends and each additional year that God blesses you with, add one more thing you know for sure.

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