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Meet ‘Coming to America’ Star Vanessa Bell Calloway’s Husband of 31 Years Anthony Calloway

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The actress’ career has been plenty of movie, stage and television success, but her most accomplished achievement has been her 32-year marriage to her beloved husband and the family they have raised together.

Vanessa Bell and her husband, anesthesiologist Tony Calloway, hold a relationship that is rare in the entertainment business. They have been married for 32 years, and they are still in love as it was day one.

The couple frequently post snaps of them while being at eventsparties, or even at home. In 2018, they had a ceremony to renew their vows during their 30th anniversary, and they celebrated it along with their two daughters, Ashley and Alexandra, as bridesmaids.


Lots of pictures of joy and celebration were posted on social media during Vanessa and Tony’s 30th-anniversary ceremony. The time was right for them to promise each other their forever-love once again, just like on September 3rd, 1988, but this time as a Hollywood couple.

Their daughter Ashley, posted several photos to share how proud she was of her parents and wrote that she was “forever grateful and blessed!” for being “chosen by God” to be their daughter.  Many family members and friends were there to witness the joyful event.

Though many years have passed, the couple has managed not only to stay together but also to keep the love flame lit up. Asked about the secret for a successful marriage, Vanessa replied that it was important for each member of the couple to have his or her own purpose and not sit around waiting for the other.

She also stressed out that love will change over the years and that each partner has to understand this in order to change along. In the end, for her, a couple has to also be best friends. 

Born in 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio, Vanessa is a stage and television actress and director, who won the NAACP Theater Award for Best Actress for her critically acclaimed role as Zora Neale Hurston in the play “Letters From Zora”.

She has been known for roles in films like “What’s Love Got to Do with”, “Biker Boyz”, “Daylight”, “Dragged Across Concrete” starring Mel Gibson, and the unforgettable “Coming to America”, which she starred next to Eddie Murphy and is going to have a sequel with the title “Coming 2 America”. She is also the matriarch Lady Ella in the TV show “Saints & Sinners”.


In 2010, and after a “call from God” -according to her- Vanessa went through many tests to discover she had breast cancer. It was an emotionally hard moment she had in her life but still had the courage to overcome it and the support of her whole family.

She underwent two surgeries including a mastectomy, but she recalled this experience as a better choice than going under radiation. She has been cancer-free ever since, and at 60 years old, Vanessa looks at her best.


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