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Owning Your Destiny

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When I was growing up in Cleveland I aways had a five-year plan. I would plan everything I wanted to accomplish in five-year increments. I had a plan A and a plan B. Now no one told me to do this nor did I read it in a book. Staring out that window and daydreaming, the Pisces in me, gave me ideas. I could see it so clear, it was freighting sometimes. Ive maintained this method my entire life especially after I understood the power of suggestion. The power of claiming something and putting it into the universe. Taking a positive outlook on your life and determining your own outcome. I instinctively knew that I alone would create whatever kind of world I saw myself living in and anything that I did not like about my past had to stay there, in the past. Especially as I got older I knew that I alone had the power to change not only myself as I knew me but who I would become in the future. Later in my life these methods provided me with tremendous blessings and opportunities.

Owning your destiny is a powerful drug and it’s very addictive. We are all dealing with challenges, some more devastating than others, but no matter how difficult we have to find a way to see and hold on to the light at the end of the tunnel. Zero in on your own five year plan and see the outcome so crystal clear that no one or nothing can interrupt your dream…even when it hurts.

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