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The How Do You Rock Your Age Campaign

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I was born on Wednesday, March 20, 1957 in Toledo Ohio. This year I will celebrate 60 years of life on this beautiful planet. The one thing that I’ve learned from watching other people around me age, is that aging is a privilege not a given.

I want to celebrate aging! I refuse to lie, stay silent, feel embarrassed or ashamed because I’m a aging woman especially in Hollywood. I will embrace and own being 60 because as I always say, “If I don’t turn 60 I’ll never be a beautiful feisty 90 year old one day!” God can keep you eternally young if you’re afraid of aging. Learn to love your age with every wrinkle, bump and lump that comes with it. Learn to celebrate you!

I remember my grandmother Genevieve proudly wore her age like a badge. She loved to flaunt around fooling people as she quizzed them asking, “How old do you think I am.” They where always shocked and she loved it. I thank my grandmother for showing me very early in life that age ain’t nothing but a number, it’s about how you rock it!

Please join me in my Ageless Campaign. This Is My 60, How Do You Rock Your??? Share and inspire other women all over the world and fight back against ageism by celebrating who you are and the space that God has firmly planted you in. It’s not about how pretty you are, how skinny you are or how young you are. It about Looking Your Best, Feeling Your Best but most of all Being Your Best!

Submit your favorite photo, your name, age (all ages welcomed), city and a few words on how you rock your age. I feel so blessed to venture into my new decade and God willing 10 years from now I’ll welcome in 70! 

Thank you because you’re beautiful!

Vanessa Bell Calloway

Tell me how you rock your age!



  1. I turned 60 in September and I refuse to give in to it! I have a 15 year old grandson. I still love hip hop, especially old school and I wear what I feel looks good on me and that includes wigs or shell toe Adidas!

    • How do I add my pic?

  2. Wonderful motivation for me at age 48, gives me a new perspective on aging.

  3. I just turned 55 (April 12) and I have never been more sure of who I am as a God fearing woman. I am beautiful, confident, sexy and amazing. But, more importantly, I am kind and always look for ways to “pour” into the lives of my family, friends and sometimes total strangers!

  4. Hi is there a link to upload a picture ?
    Thank you

  5. I rock my age at 43 by celebrating life waking up every morning, saying thank you God for letting me get older,wiser,smarter, and more determined.I show him my gratitude by doing my part in eating healthy and exercising at least 5 days a week.I rock my age by not being ashamed bc of the false images that are shown in the magazines and on tv.I rock my age by loving the natural curves God gave me, that so many women are paying for. Most importantly i rock my age by being a proud black curvy natural hair woman.

  6. Mrs. Bell Calloway,
    Just Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    I’ve ALWAYS Loved Your Look.

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