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Venessa Bell Calloway, Ed Harris, Clancy Brown and More Fight Racism Through TEARS: The Event Against Racism & Stereotyping

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The Man/Kind Project, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight racism and intolerance by uniting cultures through awareness and empathy, is set to present  TEARS:  THE  EVENT  AGAINST  RACISM &  STEREOTYPING, a Global Online Event unifying our voices in the spirit of empathy, tolerance and understanding.

TEARS will feature a dynamic group of passionate artists and activists, with a growing list of celebrities including Ed Harris, Clancy Brown, Anne-Marie Johnson, Amy Hill, Michael Dorn, Beverly Johnson, Alan Rosenberg, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Christopher B. Duncan, and many others, who are candid and unvarnished in their personal revelations and observations.

Video: TEARS: The Event Against Racism and Stereotyping

Participants will deliver powerful testimonies and introspections during this critical time, weaponizing empathy and inviting the viewers to share their voices in the fight against bigotry.

TEARS hopes to unlock secrets and inspire more people to come forward and share personal experiences as we take the fight against racism to a new level. The special, which will be directed by Gev Miron, will also include a virtual performance of the iconic song “Stand By Me,” by Freda Payne and The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles.

TEARS will premiere on Friday, August 28, 2020, 6 PM PST, which marks the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

The special will stream live on

The Man/Kind Project, Inc. Founder Richard Stellar commented, “We are all a part of this righteous battle. No matter what your culture or heritage, we all share a common thread of oppression. It unifies us and makes us stronger as we fight against it. That will become evident when you hear the voices of our participants. I was actually shocked by some of their revelations.”

Actor/activist/Vice-President of The Man/Kind Project, Inc. Anne-Marie Johnson added: “During the 2016 election, too many Americans believed the poisonous rhetoric of the election cycle played on a 24-hour loop. Now, as our society decays, many continue to remain silent. Blaming the police is easy. Blaming ourselves is not. That silence, that discomfort we have with ‘making waves’ is partly to blame. We must speak out. No more excuses. Time is running out.”

A GoFundMe campaign to help underwrite future campaigns to fight against racism and intolerance has been set up here.

The Man/Kind Project, Inc. is a 501©3) non-profit California corporation whose mission is to fight racism and intolerance by uniting cultures. All donations are tax-deductible.

The Man/Kind Project, Inc. was founded by award-winning journalist and activist Richard Stellar, who along with Anne-Marie Johnson, were leaders in the successful campaign to maintain and ensure long-term care for the motion picture and television industry. They went on to champion the causes of and amplify the voices of Holocaust survivors, fight successfully against HB610 that would have decimated nutritional and after-school programs for inner-city children, and with actor/activist George Takei created the event Hero: Chiune Sugihara that honored the legacy of a Japanese diplomat who saved thousand of Polish Jews during WW2. Currently, The Man/Kind Project is feeding the homeless through their viral #CovidKindness campaign, where they are in the street delivering food and personal care items directly to the homeless. For more information regarding The Man/Kind Project, Inc., please visit:


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