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Vanessa Bell Calloway Honors Marla Gibbs on Her 89th Birthday with a Sweet Post

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Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway takes to Instagram to pay tribute to her former co-star Marla Gibbs who just celebrated her 89th birthday.

On June 14th, actress and comedian Marla Gibbs hit the beautiful age of 89, and her friends and fans helped her celebrate her new age in the best way they could. Vanessa Bell Calloway, one of Gibbs’ former co-stars, took to Instagram with a sweet post. She wrote:

“Happy birthday to @marlagibbs4real You are like family to me and I’m so honored and happy that our families have been connected for years.”

Vanessa Bell Calloway at the Essence 9th Annual Black Women event on February 25, 2016. I Image: Getty Images.

Calloway concluded her loving message by stating that Gibbs was the “Real Deal” and expressed how much she loved her “sister.” She shared a collage of three photos of Gibbs at different ages.

The first photo of the collage showed a younger Gibbs looking absolutely stunning with a gorgeous afro as she wore a small adorable smile. The second photo featured another old photo of the birthday girl with a shorter afro with large hoop earrings.

Marla Gibbs at the Lupus LA 10th Anniversary Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon on Nov. 1, 2012 in California | Photo: Getty Images

The third photo featured a more recent picture of her former co-star in a vibrant red and pink ensemble and that stunning signature afro. The actress’s followers joined her in celebrating Gibbs and wishing her a happy 89th.

Gibb’s role in the 70s CBS sitcom “The Jeffersons” changed her life.

While Calloway and the rest of the world are celebrating Gibb’s 89th birthday, the birthday girl herself might not agree with that narrative.

Gibbs, who starred in the 70s-80s CBS show “The Jeffersons,” believes that she’s much younger than she actually is. So, while it was technically her 89th birthday, Gibbs has for a long while claimed that she is 30!

Explaining her interesting theory, the “Jefferson” alum said that once people started to accept their ages and started saying “I’m old,” they start behaving just as old as they said they are, and before anyone knew it, “they were gone.”

Being “thirty forever” was her way to keep dreaming and doing everything that she wanted to. She affirmed that as long as she was still standing, breathing, and on this side of the grass, it is never too late to seize the day.

The newly-turned 89-year-old first broke out into the spotlight with her role as the funny sharp-witted Florence Johnston. The show started in 1975 and aired its final episode ten years after, in 1985, after 253 wonderful episodes.

The actress admitted that that iconic role changed her life so much that decades after, people still gushed about her performance and how in love with her they were. 

True to her “Carpe Diem” approach to life, Gibbs is still very much active and moving her career forward. Earlier this year, she was cast in a guest role on Pop TV’s “One Day at A Time.” The birthday girl is doing amazing at being the liveliest “30-year-old” there is. 


Vanessa Bell Calloway of ‘Coming to America’ Looks like a Queen in Black Pearl-Embroidered Gown

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Lady Ella from “Saints and sinners” has come a long way with a successful career as an actress, plenty of movie, stage, and television roles. Besides her professional achievements, she has become an ageless icon, as any woman would dream of.

It seems that time does not go by Vanessa Bell Calloway. You can just take a look at any of her current photos to immediately notice how stunning she is. And when you realize she turned 63 years old, you just cannot believe it.

On a recent post, she made to raise her voice over the “Black Lives Matter” global movement, Bell appears radiant in a  photo wearing a black pearl-embroidered gown that makes her look like a queen.


Inside ‘Coming to America’ Star Vanessa Bell Calloway’s Romantic Relationship with Her Husband

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Hollywood star Vanessa Bell Calloway has an impressive acting career which also extends to her marital life of over 30 years.

Star actress, Vanessa Calloway is popular for her role as the betrothed Princess to prince Akeem in the blockbuster movie “Coming to America.”

Vanessa Bell Calloway and her husband Anthony Calloway at the Washington, DC premiere of “Harriet” on October 22, 2019 in Washington, DC | Photo: Getty Images

After showing her expertise in the 1988 classic movie, Bell Calloway gained wider acclaim from films like “Crimson Tide” and “The Inkwell,” among others.

Bell Calloway was diagnosed with Breast cancer when she was 52.

One aspect of her life, which is admirable, is her marital life. Vanessa has been married to Dr. Anthony Calloway, an anesthesiologist, for over thirty years. On her Instagram page, it is not hard to deduce that these two enjoy the right amount of marital bliss.

In 2019, Vanessa Calloway shared an enchanting snapshot of her and her spouse enjoying a romantic atmosphere. Her husband also shows off on his Instagram page from time to time.

While Vanessa is always on the road making movies, Anthony is usually on call, but they have managed to maintain a blissful life over the years.

As reported by BDO, Calloway once shared the secret to her long-lasting love-life. The 63-year-old explained that “love changes.”

She candidly shared that the love felt at the beginning of a marriage is different from when the couple starts raising kids and begin to have responsibilities. She added:

“One of the keys to a successful marriage is that everyone needs to wake up and have somewhere to go in the morning…”

Essence reports that Vanessa and Anthony Calloway’s 30th anniversary was a splendid affair. The couple celebrated in style as they renewed their wedding vows in the sweetest ways.

Their daughters, Ashley and Alexandra, were present as bridesmaids as the admirable duo shared words of love.

Her IMDB profile states that she and Anthony tied the knot in 1988. Vanessa, who is an Ohio native, doubles as an actress and a movie director. The seasoned Hollywood star seems to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle, but she once endured a tumultuous time.

As reported by Ebony, Bell Calloway was diagnosed with Breast cancer when she was 52. At the time, Vanessa was devastated when she learned that she would undergo a mastectomy. Anthony stood by her side and helped his wife through the tough times. A 12-hour surgery was performed, and since then, she had been breast cancer-free.


Vanessa Bell Calloway’s Daughter Alexandra’s Experience with Racism during School Days

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Vanessa Bell Calloway’s Daughter, Alexander Calloway shares her experiences with racism. 

Alexander Calloway is sick and tired of dealing with racism in her daily life. She wore a brave face through her several encounters as a young girl, but she is now ready to share her stories. 

Alexander took to Instagram to share a story about her days in middle school. At the time, her school had a predominantly white population, so she was very close to the few black girls who were there with her.

Alexandra revealed that white boys at the school picked on her and her friends on multiple occasions. While on a return trip from an educational engagement outside of the school, one of the boys asked Alexandra and her friends if they knew what brown piglets were called. 

Confused at his question, they told him that they did not. The boy then said to them that they were called “niglets.” Alexandra and her friends reported the issue, but very little was done about it. 

Alexandra was raised by “Coming to America” star, Vanessa Bell Calloway. Vanessa, who is also the mom of Alexandra’s sister, Ashley Calloway, is an example of a thriving black woman in a world where many are against their skin color.

Vanessa is very proud to have raised the duo who has grown up to become amazing beauties. To show their love and appreciation, the pair honored their mom on mother’s day, this year. For Vanessa, that was the best part of the celebration.

The trio also had another fabulous celebration when Vanessa, who is an ageless beauty, turned 60 back in 2017. Vanessa partied hard during the star-studded bash. She mentioned this in the caption for her birthday post. She wrote:

“… I had an #amazing #birthdayweekend. It was #epic I partied like a #rockstar #blessedlife.”

Although Vanessa has gotten older, she is still putting her acting skills to use. The actress is set to reprise her role in a sequel of the iconic 1988 blockbuster, “Coming To America,” in which she played Prince Hakeem’s arranged wife.

The movie was a big hit when it was released, so the sequel might also amaze viewers, especially since Vanessa will be present.


Meet ‘Coming to America’ Star Vanessa Bell Calloway’s Husband of 31 Years Anthony Calloway

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The actress’ career has been plenty of movie, stage and television success, but her most accomplished achievement has been her 32-year marriage to her beloved husband and the family they have raised together.

Vanessa Bell and her husband, anesthesiologist Tony Calloway, hold a relationship that is rare in the entertainment business. They have been married for 32 years, and they are still in love as it was day one.

The couple frequently post snaps of them while being at eventsparties, or even at home. In 2018, they had a ceremony to renew their vows during their 30th anniversary, and they celebrated it along with their two daughters, Ashley and Alexandra, as bridesmaids.


Lots of pictures of joy and celebration were posted on social media during Vanessa and Tony’s 30th-anniversary ceremony. The time was right for them to promise each other their forever-love once again, just like on September 3rd, 1988, but this time as a Hollywood couple.

Their daughter Ashley, posted several photos to share how proud she was of her parents and wrote that she was “forever grateful and blessed!” for being “chosen by God” to be their daughter.  Many family members and friends were there to witness the joyful event.

Though many years have passed, the couple has managed not only to stay together but also to keep the love flame lit up. Asked about the secret for a successful marriage, Vanessa replied that it was important for each member of the couple to have his or her own purpose and not sit around waiting for the other.

She also stressed out that love will change over the years and that each partner has to understand this in order to change along. In the end, for her, a couple has to also be best friends. 

Born in 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio, Vanessa is a stage and television actress and director, who won the NAACP Theater Award for Best Actress for her critically acclaimed role as Zora Neale Hurston in the play “Letters From Zora”.

She has been known for roles in films like “What’s Love Got to Do with”, “Biker Boyz”, “Daylight”, “Dragged Across Concrete” starring Mel Gibson, and the unforgettable “Coming to America”, which she starred next to Eddie Murphy and is going to have a sequel with the title “Coming 2 America”. She is also the matriarch Lady Ella in the TV show “Saints & Sinners”.


In 2010, and after a “call from God” -according to her- Vanessa went through many tests to discover she had breast cancer. It was an emotionally hard moment she had in her life but still had the courage to overcome it and the support of her whole family.

She underwent two surgeries including a mastectomy, but she recalled this experience as a better choice than going under radiation. She has been cancer-free ever since, and at 60 years old, Vanessa looks at her best.


‘Coming to America’ Star Vanessa Bell Calloway & Her 2 Daughters Stun in Beautiful Black Dresses

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Popular actress, Vanessa Calloway, and her two daughters melt hearts in a social media post celebrating mother’s day—they were dressed to kill in black regal dresses. 

The Calloway women are indeed a gorgeous trio. This was made evident by a photo 30-year-old Ashley Calloway posted on her Instagram page in honor of Mother’s Day. The gorgeous photo featured Ashley, her mom, Vanessa, and her sister, Alexandra, dressed in stunning black regal dresses. 

Vanessa Bell Calloway attends the 2016 ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood awards luncheon on February 25, 2016.| Photo: Getty Images

The dresses varied in design; Ashley’s sported a plunging neckline with white spots scattered all over it, Alexandra’s was shorter than both her mom’s and Ashley’s with a thigh split and a revealing neckline. 

Vanessa’s gown was armless, and it sported ruffles from the waist down. For accessories, the trio kept things simple with stylish earrings, bracelets, and rings. Ashley captioned the post

“Happy Mother’s Day to my Queen VBC and my beautiful grandmothers Beverly and Jeanie! I love you all SO much!” 

The pictures attracted several positive comments from fans who couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous trio. Many likened them to “royalty” while others gushed about how beautiful they looked. “That’s just too much beauty in one picture,” a fan wrote with a lot of flame emojis.

The Calloways own a block of commercial real estate smack dab in the middle of Leimert Park. They have six storefronts, with the one known as Regency West being a staple in the community. 

Vanessa will be reprising her role as “Imani Izzi” in the upcoming sequel “Coming 2 America.”

The Regency West is an event space that has been in existence for more than 40 years. It caters to comedy shows, birthday parties, weddings, and several other events. 

Ashley helps her father manage the Regency West as the general manager and owner. She reportedly began working at the Regency when she was around 12 years old, and now she’s fully invested in the family business.  

The Regency West is reportedly one of the last remaining historical black-owned venues in south Los Angeles—a fact Ashley is proud of and promises to protect. Ashley’s mom, Vanessa, is a famous actress whose career spans the stage, screen, and television. 

She has been nominated eight times for the NAACP Image Award. She received the NAACP Theater Award for Best Actress for her role as “Zora Neale Hurston” in “Letters From Zora.”

Vanessa is best known for her roles in the comedy classic, “Coming to America.” According to Variety, Vanessa will be reprising her role as “Imani Izzi” in the upcoming sequel “Coming 2 America.” 

Her other film credits include “South Side,” “What’s Love Got to Do with,” “Biker Boyz,” “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” among others. Vanessa is currently married to Tony Calloway. The pair tied the knot on September 3, 1988. 


Watch Party: Christine Swanson’s “All About You”

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The film stars Renée Elise Goldsberry, Terron Brooks, Debbie Allen, LisaRaye, Vanessa Bell Calloway

On Sunday May 17 at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST,, in partnership with 4910 Rosalie Prod., will be hosting a 20th Anniversary Reunion screening, via Facebook, of the romantic drama, “All About You,” written and directed by Christine Swanson.

Swanson recently directed the critically acclaimed Lifetime film “The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel.”

Following the showing, a discussion will be held with producer Michael Swanson, Director Christine Swanson, Tony Award winner Renée Elise Goldsberry (Hamilton), and singer Terron Brooks. Editor Wilson Morales will serve as the moderator.

Two people run from the pain of their broken past. When they discover each other, they find themselves at a crossroads where the only thing that stands between them and a second chance is each other.

The cast includes Renée Elise Goldsberry, Terron Brooks, Debbie Allen, LisaRaye, Lou Myers, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Bobby Hosea, Chris Spencer, Tico Wells, Rockmond Dunbar, Adam Lazarre-White, Sheila Frazier, Michael White, Jr and Emily Liu.

Air Date: Wednesday 5-17-20

Time: 8:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm EST


Vanessa Bell Calloway at Third Annual Griot Gala 2020 Oscars

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Harmony Gerber/Getty Images
Left to right: Keith L. Craig, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Michael K. Williams


Vanessa Bell’s Guest Appearance In ABC’s The Conners Season 2

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A kin to the other tv shows, ABC’s The Conners season 2 is all prepared to showcase its holiday episode this month, and Vanessa Bell Calloway will be there to cheer up an episode with her enchanting guest appearance.

Christmas With Vanessa Bell In The Conners
The Conners is celebrating Christmas this week. Recent teasers from the show have clearly advertised that the episode “Smoking Penguins and Santa on Santa Action” will enjoy Christmas festivities with The Conners family. Isn’t it the right time for Darlene (Sara Gilbert) to patch up with her boss(her ex-boyfriend) Ben (Jay R. Ferguson)?

According to the ABC Press release of Smoking Penguins and Santa on Santa Action – “Dan is disappointed when everyone but Becky forgets about his birthday. Meanwhile, Darlene and Ben face an issue at work, and Dan takes advantage of the family Christmas Santa photo to force Jackie to befriend Louise” on the fall finale of “The Conners”. Fans can view these episodes the next day on, the ABC app, and Hulu.

One spoiler has recently leaked that princess Imani Izzi fame Vanessa Bell, is appearing in “Smoking Penguins and Santa on Santa Action”.The actress, perhaps, is poking somewhere in Darlene’s office. The veiled detail about her character sparks curiosity among the viewers.

What Role Will Vanessa Bell Play
Speculations, obviously, have erupted with this news. In fact, fans are wondering which role will Vanessa fit in this spin-off work-place comedy.

One ardent follower anticipates:
“On one hand, I’m thinking Mary’s grandma but on the other, I’m thinking she still looks too young to be a grandma, lol but that’s just Vanessa. She always looks great.”

The Conners Controversy
ABC Sitcom, The Conners, in fact, is popular for its scandalous origin. The development of the series began as a spin-off presentation. This happens after the cancellation of its precursor Roseanne back in May 2018. Roseanne, however, is aborted due to a censorious racial comment by the show star Roseanne Barr on Twitter. Later, ABC ordered the spin-off series to contend, Roseanne’s mass viewer-ship.

The Conners Season 1, hence, premiered on October 16, 2018. In addition, ABC ordered an extra episode to the season bringing the number of total episodes to 11. Then, the show was renewed for a second season of 13 episodes on March 22, 2019, later six more episodes were added to the second season with a total of 19. The second season of The Conners premiered on September 24, 2019.

The Show On A 6-Week Hiatus
This Christmas-themed mid-season finale will be the last episode of the Conners season 2 before it’s headed on a long break. It is the segment, where veteran actress Vanessa Bell will double the festive rejoices via her guest performance. The show, however, will rest for six-weeks and will return on January 21, a 2020 hilarious treat.

Vanessa Bell, The Survivor
The known figure from Coming to America and Daylight is also a breast cancer survivor. Moreover, this philanthropist icon has initiated the “Know Your Girls” campaign, to educate black women about their breast cancer risk. For this purpose, the guest actress has re-launched her digital series. The popular, In the Company of Friends, is available on Instagram TV and the web.